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Is it time? Is this the year for you? Given all the upheaval in the world, it is especially important to carve out time in Wild places with Wild companions. The natural world calls us to be focused on the present, soaking up the beauty, physicality, and stillness that is unique to wilderness travel.

In addition to our annual women’s dogsledding trip in January, we are offering custom trip opportunities throughout the year. You’ll see how the process works below. In a nutshell, you come to us with a group ready for an adventure, and together we design your trip. Throughout the decades, The Wild Institute has specialized in women’s trips. And while most of our custom trips continue to be groups of women friends, we do occasionally lead families and other mixed groups.

Because it’s your custom trip, it can be designed any number of ways, from a fun get-away, to a more themed trip focusing on leadership (a business write-off??) or perhaps turning our gaze to living a more Wildly authentic life. Regardless of what you choose, all Wild Institute trips include feeling and celebrating our strength as we mush or paddle; filling our hearts with camaraderie, great conversation, and deep belly laughs; and fueling our Wild spirits.

I look forward to travelling with you.


Chris Heeter

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  Wild Trips

Ready to step outside, feed your soul, and restore your Wild spirit?  Wild Institute trips take you home in the best sense of the word.  Canoeing, hiking, sea kayaking, or dogsledding, all trips have several things in common:

  • Treading lightly and lovingly in beautiful Wild surroundings
  • Deep conversations and deeper belly laughs
  • Using your body, feeling your strength
  • Poetry and native flute to wake you and awaken you throughout the trip
  • Finding a sense of belonging again in the natural world
  • New or renewed connections with your traveling companions
  • Space… from hectic schedules, instant messages, and all things electronic

Women’s Dogsledding Adventure

Northern Minnesota | January 25-28, 2018

Embrace winter with the best ambassadors of snow… Alaskan Huskies! The first day you’ll go for a ride on the dogsled to get a feel for things, the next day, with more instruction, you’ll be driving the sled. Our huskies are trained to work with beginners. They are sweet, bouncy, and enthusiastic, and they are wise teachers of Wild ways of being. Stay in a cozy wood-heated cabin, eat delicious home-cooked meals with much of the food grown, raised, or harvested in the area. When you aren’t mushing, you might choose to read by the woodstove from the extensive book collection in the main cabin, or cross country ski, or snow shoe, or hang out with your fellow mushers. With 400+ acres of private trails and woods, a traditional Finnish sauna, and the company of fine adventurous women, this trip offers an experience with the dogs…and with yourself…that is sure to delight and awaken your Wild soul.

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Custom Trips

  • We specialize in women’s trips and on occasion put together mixed trips for families, friends, or work groups
  • Many locations and activities are available, primarily canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking, dog-sledding, and winter get-aways; familiar stomping grounds include the Boundary Waters, Wisconsin River, Wabakimi Provincial Park, Northeastern Minnesota, Southeastern Utah, the Porcupine Mountains, and more
  • Only a few slots are open each year, it’s first come, first served—we find a date that works for everyone, get people on board and excited, and craft a Wild trip
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