a cold and wild wind

By December 7, 2017Wild Thoughts

a cold and wild wind


In a day, we went from 60 to 0.

Degrees that is, at least the wind chill.

It had been unnaturally balmy for early December.


Then big winds brought a front

that arrived at our doorsteps,

quickly cycling from

rain to ice to a little snow.

And the thin jackets from the day before

looked laughable hanging on the coat rack.


To step outside this morning

was to be greeted by a wind

that found any gap

in your carefully layered clothing.


Still, it’s amazing what we can bear

when dressed properly,

cloaked with our innermost layer

being that of attitude and a little thrill

for being out in conditions many wouldn’t choose.


In truth, we can tolerate far more than we might think.

At some point, it’s more about knowing that we’ll get warm again

than it is about being comfortable in any given moment.


Trusting that it won’t always feel this way,

and that even in the discomfort,

there is inspiration and excitement.


Like the sound of cold wind through white pines—

I swear it sounds different than in summer.

Or how animal tracks come alive

with just a dusting of snow—

revealing what it is that my golden ones

have lingered over to sniff all those warm months.

And the hush that comes over the woods

when wild ones have migrated or gone to ground.

And even the exhilaration at daring to be out in it,

in weather that some would deem intolerable.


We can do this.  And so much more

No one said being Wild would be easy either.

‘Having the courage to bring the gift

of all of who you are to all of what you do’

is no small thing.


It calls for spunk and ingenuity

guts and compassion

patience and presence

and a willingness to be vulnerable

in a world that gives vulnerability mixed reviews at best.


When things are lined up, it feels great:

we show up grounded in who we are, clear-eyed and content.


When things aren’t so smooth,

that’s where Wild shakes us down:

asking us, not unlike the chilling wind,

to be willing to tolerate discomfort;

to stand out when we might rather sit down,

and to stay curious, even as things shift and change.


Cold weather always reminds me

of the perils of too narrow a comfort zone.

Those edges hold mystery and a wide armed invitation

to stay with it,

to explore,

to delight in

your true Wild nature.


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